Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pictures of Hollis Woods

Author:  Patricia Reilly Giff    
About the Author:
Patricia Reilly Giff was born in Brooklyn, New York, as early as she can remember she has always loved to read books.  She was a reading teacher for 20 years, where her own children and the children she taught were her inspiration for stories she could write about.

Genre: Fiction
Grade Level: 4-6

This is a story about a girl who draws pictures about her life, she seems different from the other kids.  She draws a W, which represents want, wish, and wouldn’t it be lovely.  When she draws an X on someone she drew in a picture it means they are out of her life.  Hollis Woods has been in many foster home, she finally finds one family who gives her a home, but she is sent to an elderly artist and Hollis wants to stay, but the elderly lady is growing old and forgetful. 
Pre Reading Activity:
What do you think this book is about?  What do you think Hollis Woods is?  What do you think the pictures are about?

Have the students each write 2 sentences about what they think this book is about by looking at the cover.

Post Reading Activity:
What did Hollis Woods draw?  Where did Hollis Woods live?  Why did she like to draw?
After reading the story, have the students draw a picture of something they have wished for or wanted and explain why they want it.

I think this book would be good for students to relate to.  Students can see from a person who is similar in age to them what it would be like to live in many places and not have anyone understand them.  Children all go through a stage when they think no one understands them. 

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