Thursday, November 3, 2011

Encylopedia Prehistorica, Dinosaurs

Author:  Robert Sabuda and Mattew Reinhart                              
About the Author:
Robert Sabuda is a talented pop up book artist.  From a very young age he was a talented artist.  He attended Pratt Institution in New York City, where he met Mattew Reinhart.
matthew reinhartMattew Reinhart always loved drawing, he would draw anywhere and everywhere.  After high school he studied biology in preparation to attend medical school.  Before going to medical school he went to New York City for a year, there he met Robert Sabuda. 

Genre: Non-Fiction
Grade Level: 1-4

This is a book that has many pictures and facts about dinosaurs.  It has pop outs to look at that show details of the dinosaurs.   It describes characteristics of different types of dinosaurs.  The main idea of the book is for the reader to discover the world of dinosaurs.  Making the children interested in the pictures and pop outs, to learn fascinating facts and information about dinosaurs.  

Pre Reading Activity:
What are dinosaurs?  Where do dinosaurs live?  How big are dinosaurs?

Have the students each draw a picture of their favorite dinosaur.

Post Reading Activity:
What is the name of 3 dinosaurs? Do dinosaurs all eat plants?  Do dinosaurs fly?

After reading the story, have the students write a few sentences describing their favorite dinosaur that they drew before reading the story.  Using some facts they learned from the book.

This book is a great book for dinosaur lovers!  It has amazing detailed pop outs of dinosaurs.  Kids will want to spend hours looking at the pictures from this book to learn about their favorite dinosaur.

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