Sunday, November 6, 2011

Because of Winn-Dixie

Kate DiCamilloAuthor:   Kate DiCamillo  
About the Author:
Kate DiCamillo was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but now lives in Minnesota.  She writes books for children and adults, and likes to think of herself as a storyteller.  She loves the fact that she gets to tell stories for a living and feels very lucky to do so.

Genre: Fiction
Grade Level: 4-6

This is a story about a girl who lost her mother and her father takes care of her.  He is a preacher so they move from town to town.  Her father does not like to talk about Opal's mother, but she needs him to tell her about her.  She is sent to the store for some items and finds a dog, which she names Winn-Dixie, after the store she is in.  Her and Winn-Dixie are perfect for each other, they are both need a friend. 
Pre Reading Activity:
What do you think this book is about? 
Create a KWL chart with the students by looking at the cover of the book.

Post Reading Activity:
What did we learn?  What does Winn-Dixie and Opal have in common, how are they similar to each other.
Have the students write a story about what Winn-Dixie and Opal have in common.

I love this story.  I think people can often relate to animals sometimes when they can't other people.  I think it shows how children can view something tragic.  She loses her mom and does not understand why, and her father will not talk about it with her.  Instead of being angry, she finds peace with talking to Winn-Dixie and works through hr emotions and ends up helping her father.  I think some students can relate to this story.

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