Monday, November 7, 2011

One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer (Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction (Awards))

Author: Rita Williams Garcia                                   

About the Author:
Rita Garcia was born in Queens, NY.  She learned to read early and was aware of life events taking place while growing up in the 60’s.  Writing stories for young children is her passion and mission.  She knows students, especially teen’s wants to read stories that engage them and reflect their image and experiences. 

Genre: Fiction
Grade Level: 5-8

The theme of this book is to always try, even if you feel it's not worth it.
This book is about an 11 year old girl and her two sisters.  They were abandoned by their mother and their father sent them to spend time with their mother; even though the mother has no interest in getting to know them. 

Pre Reading Activity:
What do you think this book is about based on the cover?

Have the students write a paragraph about what they think this book will be about based on the cover.

Post Reading Activity:
Do you think we should judge a book by its cover?  Do you think there may be more to every book than just what is on the cover?
Have the students write an essay about what they thought the book was about based on the cover, and what the book was really about, including one issue the book talks about and why it is important to discuss.

This book would be great to use in a book club for middle school students or a read aloud.  The book does a great job touching on many content topics, such as the Black Panthers.  I think students can relate to the characters in this book, they are similar in age and all students will be learning about African American history. 

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